The importance of insurance in Austria

Insurance has an extremely influential effect on the lives of millions of people globally. It provides a sense of security to people and helps them lead more satisfying lives. Insurance is common amongst the people of Austria. Since Austria is a beautiful, but expensive country to live in, both public and private forms of Insurance are offered.

Certain types of Public Insurance i.e. Public Health Insurance are mandatory for citizens. Mandatory Insurance is often deducted from the salary of citizens. Furthermore, the state helps people who cannot pay for their own insurance by paying for their insurance. This welfare system is supported by the tax revenue of the country.

Different types of insurance offered in Austria

There are many different types of insurance offered in Austria. These insurance policies are comprehensive and extremely accommodating. Some of these types of insurance include

1.   International Student Insurance

International Student Insurance, as the name suggests, is for international students who are visiting Austria to study there. Students often choose Austria as a place of study due to its vast and rich culture. Due to this, Austria is a great place to study for people interested in the arts or the social sciences.

International Student Insurance offers a variety of plans that can be categorized and selected according to whether the customer needs a more economical plan or a plan that offers more coverage. This Insurance usually covers health insurance and can even go on to cover travel expenses, depending on the chosen plan.

2.   Health Insurance

Health Insurance is mandatory for citizens in Austria. People who are employed have a certain amount of money deducted from their earnings regularly. The state then goes on to provide coverage not only for those people but also to their unemployed and dependent family members. International visitors, especially those from European countries, also sign up for health insurance when they visit. For European visitors, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) lets card-holders avail health insurance at extremely cheap costs in Austria.

3.   Expat Insurance

There are various insurance plans available for Expats visiting Austria. These include plans that provide insurance for stay permits. These plans mainly cover health insurance and are in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Austrian State.

Top 3 Insurance Providers in Austria

There are many insurance companies providing excellent insurance policies in Austria. However, three of the top companies that offer the best plans include

1.   Generali Holding Vienna AG

Generali Insurance is a private insurance company that offers many different types of insurance. These include motor insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, and household insurance, etc. They have a website that is extremely customer friendly. This website provides the contact details of agents that will help you understand different insurance policies and choose one that is best suited for you and your family.

The website itself is extremely comprehensive and also offers you a way of calculating the amount of monthly premium you would have to pay. In addition, you also have the option of filing an online claim that would help you report any damage that you incurred. The website also has a customer portal to facilitate customers. Furthermore, it also has a blog that provides general information and tips about personal health and fitness.

2.   Ergo Austria International

This insurance company is owned by one of the biggest insurance groups in all of Austria. This makes it one of the most popular insurance companies as well. Ergo Austria International was initiated and is operating in Austria since around 2007. Despite being a relatively newer organization, this insurance company offers excellent insurance policies for a variety of types of insurances. These include insurance policies related to pensions, accidents, travel, and the law.

Another reason for this company’s popularity is its collaboration with major banks. These include Bank Austria and the Volksbank. You can use the company’s website to make an appointment with a representative that will help you understand and choose the right insurance policy for you.

You also have the option of calculating your own insurance premium using a calculator that has been provided online on their website. 

3.   Funk International Austria GMBH

Funk International operates all over the world and provides insurance mainly to companies. These can include a range of different kinds of companies. Funk International offers many types of insurance (i.e. accident insurance). They are also extremely accommodating and will help you tailor insurance policies to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Furthermore, they also have a well-functioning website that allows the customer to understand the company’s objectives and what they have to offer in a clear way.

Thus, Austria has many competitive insurance providers, however, Funk International, Generali Holding Vienna, and Ergo Austria International are one of the best insurance companies.


Austria is a wonderful country with many health-related issues. But it also secures its citizens from mishaps and forced to have health insurance for better health care. Either you are national of the country or an alien Austria suggests to have Health insurance and other insurances for the better quality of life. Other than Health insurance it also provides international students insurance or Expat insurance.