Looking for the best Auto Insurance Companies for 2019? We have made a list of seven companies which are top-rated based on overall customer satisfaction, policy coverage, competitive rates, and customer services. So, let’s check the list we have for auto owner.

1.    Erie Insurance

This company started its work in 1925, and with its top-quality insurance policies, it became a  Fortune 500 company having more than 5000 employees and 5 million active policies today. Erie insurance has around 121000 local licensed insurance agents who are part of the community, and thus, they are readily available to assist you in the insurance process of your vehicles.  The company won many awards from time to time due to its excellent customer service and competitive price offerings. 

Erie Auto Insurance policy includes:

•    Pet Coverage: If your pet got injured in a car accident, then the policy will help you cover vet treatment cost up to $500 per pet; while the total limit is $1000.

•    Auto Glass Repair: With Erie Comprehensive coverage, you can get Glass repair or Full Window Glass for a minimal cost.

•    Locksmith services: When you lock your keys inside your car by accident, the policy will cover locksmith cost up to $75.

•    Personal item coverage: If you sign up for physical damage coverage, then Erie auto insurance will help you cover the loss to clothing, luggage and personal belongings inside an insured car up to $350.

•    Roadside & Rentals bundle: Erie will offer you a brand new rental car coverage. And when you have some road-side emergency, you will get the help you need.

With Erie auto insurance, you can expect some discounted rates for multi-car policy, reduced car usage, driving safely on the road, and having car safety equipment. Even you can enjoy some discount when you sign up for an annual lump-sum payment plan.

2.    Amica Auto Insurance

Do you want to feel secure about your car insurance claims? Then you have to think of Amica Auto insurance policies. The financial strength of Amica is rated A+ by A.M. Best. It means that when you have a legit claim, then you will get your money from the company without any delay.

Financial strength isn’t the only positive point of Amica; there are many other factors which convince auto owners to consider its policies. For example, when you insure multiple cars, you can save up to 25 percent. When you sign up for a car and ( you can read info about from our ) home insurance plan at the same time, you can save around 15 percent. Another factor is the best customer service.

Amica Auto Insurance Policy includes:

•    Full Glass Coverage: In case of windshield and windows damage or crack, the company refers to a repair shop. You can get repair services while the company will cover all the cost.

•    Emergency Roadside Assistance: You can get emergency road-side services without worrying about the price.

People usually opt for Amica Auto Insurance policies because policyholder can get:

•    Free lock replacement in case of lost keys

•    Free repair for damaged auto glass

•    Free repair a deployed airbag

•    No depreciation for a complete loss of your new vehicle

•    Lost wage reimbursement in case a policyholder has to appear in court

•    $1,000 for bail bonds


Looking for best auto insurance company which can have your back all the time then none other than USAA seem like the best option for you. This company earned the highest score for customer experience for the last five consecutive years, according to Tempkin ratings.

 Even it offers the best online service experience’s highest score for the previous four years. So, when you have to file a claim or pay your bill or need an insurance quote, then you will get the best online services from it. When you sign up for bundled insurance, i.e., home and auto insurance, then you can save up to 10 percent.

USAA Auto Insurance Includes:

•    Protection for your car: It brings both comprehensive and collision coverage plans for you. In case your vehicle has some accident or rollover, then you can make the most from collision coverage.

•    Protection for Your Finances: If an accident happens and you are at fault, then you can avail our liability coverage benefits. Most states require a minimum amount of this kind of coverage to offer you a protective financial shield just in case you are found responsible for an accident. Liability insurance breaks down further into two parts: bodily injury and property damage.

•    Protection for You and Your Passengers: This kind of coverage typically depends on where you live, how much you drive, and what includes in your health insurance policy. You can get coverage for bodily damage, property damage, and Personal Injury Protection.

4. Safeco                

Safeco is offering insurance services in the United States of America for more than 85 years. People like to get their best auto insurance policies from Safeco as they get the policy at a competitive market price and with lots of coverage options. The company allows you to sit and talk to your local independent agent so you can get the right policy, which meets your budget and requirements.

A standard Safeco auto insurance policy includes essential liability coverage and other coverage required by law. Different states require a different kind of coverage; local agents of the company keep the customer well informed about the state law requirement. Therefore, they help you make an informed financial decision like what to add must in your insurance plan.

Safeco Insurance Policy includes:

•    Full coverage protection: It brings collision and comprehensive coverage plans.

•    Reimbursement for First Aid: All auto policies of Safeco bring up to $10,000 in coverage for reimbursement of first aid administered to others after an accident.

•    Accident Forgiveness: Every auto insurance policy can qualify for accident forgiveness, incase policyholder doesn’t violate driving rules for a set number of years.

•    Diminishing Deductible: In case you don’t make any claim for a year the company will reduce collision deductible by $100 just when you renew the policy annually and this deductible could be up to a maximum of $500 or five years.

5. Hanover

Many car owners search for cheap auto insurance, which doesn’t offer them any good when need arise. So, it is suggested to look for competitive price insurance policies provided by Hanover. This group of Insurance Company brings The Platinum Experience for its users.

This kind of policy brings maximum coverage benefits just in one account. Whenever you have some claim, you can submit it quickly through local agent help or online; the choice is yours. Even you can contact their customer service that is ready to answer all your queries and concerns.

Hanover Auto Insurance includes:

  • Platinum claim handling
  • Round-the-clock online self-service tools
  • Flexible payment plans
  • You can get either comprehensive or collision coverage options
  • Liability coverage is also provided
  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance
  • New car replacement
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Medical expense coverage
  • Deductible dividends

6. State Farm

Are you planning to shop for best auto insurance policy which could have your back all the time? Then State Farm auto insurance seems like the best choice a person could have. The mutual company has been offering insurance service since 1922. 

It has around 19,000 independent contractor agents and more than 58,000 employees who are providing services for about 83 million policies and insurance holder accounts all across the United States. Based on 2017 written premium reports of S&P Global Market Intelligence, State Farm is the largest insurer of an automobile in the U.S. This company offers insurance service not only for the car but also for motorcycle and boats.

It has around 19,000 independent contractor agents and more than 58,000 employees who are providing services for about 83 million policies and insurance holder accounts all across the United States. Based on 2017 written premium reports of S&P Global Market Intelligence, State Farm is the largest insurer of an automobile in the U.S. This company offers insurance service not only for the car but also for motorcycle and boats.

State Farm Auto Insurance includes:

  • Liability coverage:  When you are responsible for an accident, medical, repair and property damage cost will be covered by the policy.
  • Collision Coverage: You will get repair and replace overage for an accident with another vehicle and rollover.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Policyholder will get repair and replace vehicle coverage when the vehicle is damaged by fire, theft, vandalism, or hitting an animal.
  • High financial strength and claims-paying ability
  • Car Rental: Rental Car reimbursement handles the cost of renting a car when your car is in the repair shop
  • Travel Expense: Cover cost of meals, lodging, and transportation when you are in an accident 50 miles from your home.
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle: Get injured by accident with an uninsured vehicle? You will get coverage.
  • Underinsured Motor Vehicle: Get injured by accident with a vehicle that doesn’t have sufficient liability coverage; this policy will fully cover you.
  • Medical payment: When an insured person gets killed or injured in an accident, this insurance policy will pay medical and funeral expenses.
  • Emergency road-side: Do you need towing or any other road-side assistance? Your auto insurance policy will come for your help.
  • Rideshare Driver Coverage: When your drive for rideshare companies such as Uber, then you can get competitive price coverage.

7. Nation Wide             

Seeking for a wide variety of coverage options in auto insurance? You can think of NationWide Auto Insurance service. It includes not only essential but also very advanced and special nature coverage options for you.  The good thing is that you have customization option with this company, it means that you can add as many coverage options as you want in a policy.  The company has been protecting what matters since 1925. The customer service is a big plus, that’s why people all over the U.S rely on its policy. With more than 85 years of service, the company has tremendous experience to bring what really required by its valued customers. It has a record of financial strength and stability, and therefore, people have faith in its plans.

Nationwide Auto Insurance Includes:

  • Personal Auto Coverage: This includes many different options to offer you a safety shield. When you have an accident with an uninsured or underinsured vehicle,  you will get relevant coverage plan. It brings medical payment, personal injury protection, property damage liability, and bodily injury liability under the same policy roof.
  • Vehicle Coverage:  When your vehicle gets damaged or destroyed in an accident, then auto insurance policy of Nation Wide come for your vehicle’s ultimate rescue. It offers a wide range of options such as collision, comprehensive, gap coverage, towing and labor coverage, rental car expense, and full coverage.
  • Special Auto coverage: Nation Wide Auto insurance offers some additional perks and benefits as well.  You can get round the clock emergency road-side assistance.  Accident forgiveness option is also on the table, terms and condition vary though. Total loss deductible waiver option will waive physical damage deductible in the event of a total loss. You can avail vanishing deduction of $100 off each year of safe driving, and it could be up to $500.
  • Save on Auto Insurance: You can get some discount on your auto insurance policy with Nation Wide. There are many different ways to save money. When you have installed anti-theft devices in your car, then they would help you secure a better insurance quote. Other options include signing up for multi-policy, set-up easy pay, having an accident-free record, proof of good student, complete defensive-driving course, and be a safe driver.  When you are an affinity member like being a part of a quality organization, then you can expect a deep discount on your policy.

Wrap Up

You have got details of  Seven best auto Insurance companies for 2019. When you insured your car through any of those companies, you would be able to have a secured claim. Besides, you would be able to get some unique coverage feature from each company. Before you buy any auto insurance policy, make sure you compare price, ratings, and coverage options included in it. A comparative analysis of different companies would help you make a better decision. Make sure you ask the entire question regarding your payment and coverage options before you sign up for any policy.