Farmers insurance credit union was a fundraising campaign held by the Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union (FIGFCU) and its members for the families of farmers.  Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union (FIGFCU) is a non-profit organization that raises funds for its own members or employees, agents, and their family members. The purpose behind this campaign was to provide relief to farmers’ employees and family members who may have faced any disaster or loss and going through hardships.

Farmer’s insurance credit union practicing over the 72 years.  FIGFCU has a huge fan following as 40,000 members across the country with assets of $650 million. FIGFCU’s members have their ownership in Credit union so that they can avail easy return loans, higher saving rates, and annual special bonuses and allowances. 

Overview of Funds raised by FIGFCU

A big amount of funds worth $27,000 was collected by FIGFCU for the Farmers’ Family over the holiday season. Over the shopping season, it launched a campaign “Give with a simple swipe”. In this members were encouraged to use debit cards, by which every nearest dollar was rounded and sent to the designated accounts. This amount was donated to the family members of the Farmers’ employees, agents or members.  Before that FIGFCU group donated almost $1,000 to farmers’ family members. 

The purpose of this fundraising to make the life of farmer’s members, employees and their families more valuable and worthful so that they can also enjoy life like others. 

Massage by Executives of FIGFCU

“Mark and the staff at FIGFCU have served a significant job with our Farmers Family Fund endeavors. We can’t be increasingly grateful for their liberality and enthusiasm towards improving the lives of our workers and their families through their noteworthy gifts”. Massage by Farmers Insurance Group Director of Community Relations, Doris Dunn 

“We were appreciative to have individuals take part in the”Give with a simple swipe” program to help our endeavors. It’s a benefit to assist families with getting the necessities they have to get by during a crisis or hardship. Everybody at FIGFCU lives by the credit association reasoning of “people helping people,” says Herter.