The epidemic outbreak of the century “coronavirus” came up with economical and medical challenges all over the world. As It spreads through human contact so, screening and testing of coronavirus is the need of the hour. Many private and public sector labs have started testing with a number of testing kits. But, here comes a question of how testing expenses will be managed? Either testing expenses are covered under health insurance plans or not.

American administration ordered to insurers for co-payments and deducibility of patients for coronavirus testing under health insurance. And also declare testing as an essential health benefit. Cigna, CVC Health and UnitedHealth group have waived co-pays and deductibles in different locations for testing and treatment of coronavirus.


Health insurance plans for coronavirus

All health insurance companies cover coronavirus in insurance plans like all other illnesses like flu, pneumonia or other infectious diseases. But the costs and other terms vary from company to company. There are two options of health insurance plans 1) self insured 2) state insurance plans.

Benefits for self insured individuals

Self insured means individuals have there owned self insurance plans in different insurance companies. They pay for their insurance by their own and also have set cost-benefit health insurance plans.

  • Self insured individuals can have all testing and treatment facilities under the health insurance plan.
  • Self insured health insurance also facilitate for quarantine or hospitalized facility.
  • It also covers doctors to visit, testing, etc.

It may not include experimental or any new treatments to manage coronavirus.

Benefits for state insurance

State insurance plans for employees is waived by co-payments and deductibles for patients of coronavirus for testing and treatment.

  • They also get all medical and paramedics related facilities in their insurance plans.
  • They can get facilities of quarantine and hospitalization on co-payments and deductibles.

Although, it is good news that coronavirus is included in health insurance plans. But an infectious person by this virus is not at all good.

Symptoms of coronavirus

Coronavirus is the most hazardous and fast spreading infectious disease. It has flu like symptoms and unfortunately has no vaccine for its treatment. Major symptoms of this virus are:

  1. Sore throat
  2. Fever or high temperature
  3. Coughing without sputum
  4. Difficulty in breathing
  5. Sometimes nausea or diarrhea

Precautions are better than treatment

As there is no vaccine available for coronavirus treatment so it is better to have precautions.

  1. Frequently washing hands
  2. Keep Social distance
  3. Use of sanitizers
  4. Avoiding handshakes
  5. Avoiding touching face
  6. Cover face when sneezing or coughing
  7. Self-isolation if have normal flu like symptoms


Coronavirus is the most deadly and effecting outbreak of 2020. It is affecting people of all nations from every country without discrimination of boundaries. Thousands of people have died from this infectious virus. In this scenario, health insurance is a blessing for everyone.

As developed nations with good insurance, the system is giving benefits to citizens but on the other hand, people of developing countries are looking for aid and government policies for testing and treatment of coronavirus. Either, you have the facility of insurance or not prevention is the best option for coronavirus till now. Stay in isolation stay safe.