Health insurance plans offer financial protection in case of certain health risks. There are many health insurance companies in the USA. Some companies operate at the regional level while others offer services in all states of the US. Today, I would like to share information and details of top health insurance companies in the USA. The 5 Biggest Health Insurers in the US


When it comes to the most significant health insurance company of the USA, name of Anthem or WellPoint secures the top position. In the affiliate plans, the Company has around 40 million members. When you count Anthem and its subsidiaries, then it has about 70 million members. Its extensive membership makes it the most significant player in the insurance market. This Company came into existence due to the merger of Anthem, Inc and WellPoint Networks in 2004. 

In specific markets, you can recognize Anthem with different names such as Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross and Also as UniCare. 

It brings managed care plans which include Indemnity insurance plans, Point-of-Service POS plans, Health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), the hospital only plans, hybrid plans, consumer-driven health plans, and limited benefit products. 

Anthem affiliated companies bring other kinds of specialty health care services for their customers. They offer life and disability insurance benefits, long-term care insurance, flexible spending account, radiology benefit management, dental and vision health care services, and analytics-driven personal health care guidance.

2.Cigna Health

Another significant health insurance company is Cigna Health, which started its insurance service almost 125 years ago. It has been serving the United States customers with the best health care plans for more than a century. Therefore, it got extensive experience and knowledge of creating comprehensive health insurance plans based on the needs and requirements of its users. It operates in the USA and also in other countries. It got 11 million insured only in the USA while in the other 29 states it has 8 million insurance accounts. 

Cigna Health offers not only private insurance but also Medicare and Medicaid products. In the USA and the international market, it brings life and accident insurance services. There are three divisions which offer varied health care plans to its users.

Cigna HealthCare is known for its reasonable health plan services, which include medical, dental, pharmacy, vision, and behavioral health benefits. They serve both companies and individuals.

Cigna Group insurance is always the first choice for those who are looking for group life, accident, and disability coverage plans in the United States. 

Cigna International is designed to serve its international customers. They offer not only life, accident, and supplemental health care plans but also exclusive products. Their target customers usually are employees of multinational companies.

3. Aetna

Aetna started offering its service in 1853 in Hartford, Connecticut. It is the third most significant health insurance service provider in the United States. It brings healthcare, dental, pharmacy, group life, disability plans for its customers. At present, it has more than 18 million medical insurance account, 8 million pharmacy members, and about 13 million dental members. Its products and services are specifically designed for small, medium-sized, and multi-site national employers. 

Company has been offering its services and products in all 50 states of the United States of America. Its primary focus of health insurance plans. In some markets, you can get Medicare and Medicaid benefits of Aetna.  


This Company started working as a single nursing home in 1961. Its headquarters are in Louisville, Kentucky. Later it transformed into Humana group which has more than 100 hospitals. After that, it started serving the society with its health insurance plans. At this time, Humana has more than 10 million medical insurance account. Based on its annual revenue, it is often listed under Fortune’s Top 100 companies. 

Humana brings the following products and services to its customers: Humana Medica plans, Humana One Dental and Vision, Humana One Life and Supplement Insurance, Humana Vision Care, Humana One.

PBM stands for Pharmacy Benefits Manager, itis a unique operation of Humana Group in the country. Humana Pharmacy solutions are the high-volume operation which has its big part in the annual revenue of the Company.

5. UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare was first known as Charter Med, Inc in 1974. However, the name was changed after the reorganization of the country in 1977. This Company works as an operating division of UnitedHealth Group. More than 70 million citizens of American get services and products from this division. It has 13 million adult and children insurance account under its pharmaceutical management programs. Last year, Company was ranked as number 1 in the insurance and managed category on Fortune’s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies. This ranking is based on top healthcare products and services offered by the Company.

There are three divisions of UnitedHealthCare based on its target customers and plans. 

  1. UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual serves individual customers and employers. Its health care plans and services target all range of employers such as large companies, small firms, and mid-size organization. It offers network-based health care benefits on behalf of employers, families, students, and individuals. 
  2. UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement is the largest insurance model of the Company. It offers the most reasonable and adequate health care plans that best serve the needs of seniors.
  3. UnitedHealthcare Community & State is another well-known division that brings Medicare and Medicaid products. This division specifically offers healthcare services for state-sponsored public health programs.

6.Kaiser Foundation Group

This insurance group was founded in 1945. The headquarters are in Ordway Building, Oakland, California. It has been serving employers, employees, and individuals for more than 74 years with its prepaid health plans and insurance. Permanente Medical Groups offers medical care to the members of Health Plans members. The Company has 217,415 employees, and 22,914 physicians as per its 2018 report. It has around 12.2 millions members in 8 states of America. This Company is well-known for its not-for-profit health plans and also as the leading health care provider in America. Permanente Medical Group has physicians, specialists, and caregivers who focus on health and care of Kaiser Foundation Group’s members. This group spends money on clinical research to bring some new care innovations and improved community health programs to its members. They are featured with state-of-the-art tools, top-class chronic disease management, exceptional tech for health promotion, and the best health care delivery service.

7. HCSC 

It stands for Health Care Service Corporation which was founded in 1936 as a Mutual Legal Reserve Company. It is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (Anthem). It is the largest customer-owned health insurer in the USA. This Company has around 15 millions members all over five states of the USA. It has more than 20,000 employees working in those states with 60 local offices. 

In Oklahoma and Texas, Dearborn National and Medecision are HCSC affiliates and subsidiaries. They offer life, disability, dental, and other different individual health plans options.

HCSC is well-know for offering cost-effective, and high-quality health care and management plans to its members. The goal of this group is to keep its members well-informed so that they can make the best health care decision for them and their families. In some states, this group offers pioneer kind of health care plans such as coverage for heart and bone marrow transplants, cancer, and leukemia treatments. They also bring value-based care models which are very useful not only for consumers and patients but also for the investors. 

Wrap up

Now you have an idea about top health insurance companies in the US. Whenever you need some health plan which can offer you financial protection against a health risk, then you can browse the policies of these companies. You can also make a comparison of the same health plan offered by all of them. This comparative analysis helps you pick the right company and plan for you. No matter what Company you choose from the list, it will bring good health care and management plan to serve you.