The importance of insurance in the Czech Republic

The people of the Czech Republic are no strangers to the idea of insurance. Insurance is extremely common and many citizens get various kinds of insurance coverage. In fact, insurance is so common that people who visit the Czech Republic also have to give proof of health insurance.

Types of available insurance in the Czech Republic

There are many types of available insurance in the Czech Republic. This is mainly because the citizens there avail all kinds of insurance coverage. Some of the types of insurance available in there include

1.   Travel Insurance

If you are traveling to the Czech Republic, it is a wise idea to get travel insurance. Travel insurance not only provides cover over various travel expenses, but it also provides medical care to travelers in the country.

Travel insurance generally lets the insured get treatment from general hospitals in the Czech Republic. It also covers a variety of medicine. However, some policies do not include extra treatments such as a visit to the dentist.

If you go to the country for a holiday and a sudden accident befalls you, you can get treatment for that and the insurance policy will provide full coverage.

However, if you have to pay out of your own pocket you can always keep the receipts and make sure you get refunded when you get back to your home country.

2.   Car Insurance

Insurance for vehicles is also fairly common in the Czech Republic. Vehicles have to be insured by the buyer as soon as they are bought. This is to help the buyer not pay a huge amount of money out of his/her own pocket in the case of an accident or unfortunate event.

Premiums for vehicle insurance also tend to be reasonable and are not heavy on the pocket. However, this varies and largely depends on the insurance company and the type of policy they are offering. So one must be extremely vigilant when comparing insurance quotes.

3.   Health Insurance

Health insurance is perhaps one of the most common types of insurance, not just in the Czech Republic, but the whole world. It is extremely common in the Czech Republic as well.

Able-bodied citizens of this country who are earning a significant amount of money every month are liable to pay a certain portion of their income to the state. This then contributes towards their healthcare system that provides sustainable healthcare for all citizens.

Citizens who are unable to pay a certain amount of money every month still get covered by the state. People who travel to the Czech Republic are also required to have health insurance which shows how important it is to the country.

Top 3 best providers of insurance in the Czech Republic

There are many insurance companies in the Czech Republic, however, the best ones include

1.   ČSOB Pojišťovna Travel Insurance Atlas

Atlas Insurance is one of the best insurance providers and specializes in travel insurance. You could be traveling alone or with your family for fun. Or you could be traveling on a business trip. Atlas Insurance will provide specific policies that will be tailored according to your personal needs.

Their representatives are available 24/7 and offer excellent advice to clients. Furthermore, this company also offers an automatic insurance extension for no additional costs.

This means that if your stay in another country is extended due to some accident or unforeseen event (i.e. political instability), the insurance company will cover the additional expenses for you. These could include medical expenses etc.

2.   Allianz Insurance

Allianz Insurance is a common choice in the Czech Republic. This is due to the variety of insurance policies they offer. Allianz Insurance offers car insurance, home insurance, and pension insurance, etc. They also offer insurance plans for corporations.

In addition to offering insurance plans, this company also gives financial advice to its clients. Representatives are available both online and on-call and can be reached easily.

Their website is comprehensive and offers different options to clients. For example, the option to “arrange online” and “report damage” is given on the website. This makes things extremely convenient, especially for people getting insurance for the first time.

3.   AEGON Insurance

AEGON Insurance is also one of the best insurance providers in the Czech Republic. They mainly offer life insurance policies. These policies are designed to facilitate the close family members of the policyholder in case the policyholder dies a sudden death.

They also have special insurance policies designed for children so that they have a sustainable and protected future. In addition, other types of insurance they offer include long-term care insurance and investment insurance.

Their website can be used to compare quotes and also calculate the amount of monthly premium the client would have to pay. In addition to this, their website also has a blog that advises people on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Thus, the Czech Republic has many insurance companies. However, only a few are the best and so their services stand out from the rest.