How important is insurance in Denmark?

Denmark is a highly developed country with a decent economy and a low crime rate. The country is not overpopulated either, which creates better living conditions for people. These better living conditions include better healthcare and education.

One of the reasons why Denmark is so successful in creating a sustainable environment for its citizens is that the people of Denmark get all kinds of insurance coverage. This helps them ensure that the quality of their life is maintained.

Insurance helps the people of Denmark by not letting them pay a huge amount of money from their own pockets in case of an unfortunate event. This could include the death of the policyholder, a car accident, or even extreme weather conditions (i.e. a hailstorm) that has caused damage to the house.

Types of popular insurance in Denmark

The people of Denmark get many different types of insurance coverage. However, some common and popular ones include

1.   Work Insurance

Work insurance is extremely popular in Denmark. It is even endorsed by the law. The state requires business owners and other employers to get work insurance for their employees.

This means that if the employees get injured on the job, the insurance company covers their treatment until they are healthy again. However, the conditions of this insurance are different according to the policy that is chosen.

For example, if an employee gets injured during his/her leisure time, they might not cover in some cases.

2.   House Insurance

House Insurance is also fairly common in Denmark. People generally tend to get their property insured because they are legally required to do that if they have mortgages.

Houses accumulate damage over time due to harsh weather conditions etc. They also take a lot of money to fix. Bearing the expense of getting parts of your house fixed, or getting a renovation done can be very heavy on your pocket. This is why it is important to ensure your house

Some insurance policies cover damage done to assets inside and outside the house. However, you might have to pay an extra amount of money with your usual premium to get that coverage.

  3.   Car Insurance

Car Insurance is one of the most expensive kinds of insurance in Denmark. This might seem like a disadvantage, however, insurance companies that are competing against each other bring up newer, better policies for customers.

The policies that are introduced get progressively cheaper due to the competition. Two kinds of car insurance policies include liability insurance and Comprehensive Insurance.

Liability Insurance is made compulsory by the state of Denmark and deals with a basic form of coverage. Comprehensive Insurance, as the name suggests, offers a more comprehensive insurance policy that covers extra things.

Top 3 Best Insurance Providers in Denmark

There are many insurance companies that provide excellent services in terms of insurance. However, there are some companies that offer better services than others. These companies include

1.   ETU Forsikring Insurance

ETU Forsikring Insurance is a private insurance company that is one of the best in Denmark. The company claims to offer “High Service, Flexibility and Vigor” to its customers.

They offer Household Insurance, Car Insurance, and Travel Insurance. In addition to this, they also offer accident insurance, hospital insurance, and pet insurance. Their website is extremely clear and their policies are stated in a coherent manner.

This makes it easier for potential customers to read and go through the policies. They also have a news section on their website which gives customers the latest updates on current affairs and other information related to insurance.

Furthermore, they can be followed on social media sites as well and their representatives can be contacted at any time which is extremely convenient.

2.   Codan Forsikring Insurance

Codan Insurance is also one of the best in Denmark. They offer almost all types of insurance plans and policies including car insurance, household insurance, child insurance, accident insurance, and health insurance, etc.

They also offer insurance coverage to businesses. And aspiring or new businesses can get financial advice from them.

Furthermore, they also offer customers the option to customize their insurance plans to a great extent. In addition, they have great customer service since they have a whole section on their website dedicated to just customer service.

3.   Amerga Insurance (Groupe Marill)

Amerga Insurance is one of the best insurance providers in terms of the services they offer. They have excellent professional insurance services. These include different types of corporate insurance (i.e. insurance for commercial vehicles, insurance policies for construction risks, etc.)

They also have personal insurance policies that are specifically tailored according to individuals’ needs. These include health, car, and travel insurance.

Amerga is owned by Groupe Marill which is a respected corporation that invests in different ventures. Insurance is one of them.

Thus, Denmark has many insurance companies, however, only some of them are the best insurance providers.