The Importance of Insurance in Finland

In Finland insurance is regarded as an important necessity in order to live a healthy, safe life. The healthcare system in Finland is remarkable because health insurance provides the citizens of Finland access to health care, regardless of their financial situation. Finland health insurance covers every resident under a universal policy.

Moreover, property insurance, life insurance, and student insurance are also popular in Finland. Since Finland is the 8th most expensive country in Europe, these insurances are important to ensure that damages are properly covered without costing too much for an individual.

Different Types of Insurances Common in Finland

There are some insurances which are exceedingly more popular in Finland due to the demands of the country. Listed below are the most popular ones.

1.   Life Insurance

In Finland, life insurance includes pension, sickness and illness insurance. It takes into account everything covering the death of the policyholder. Life insurance offers risk-related insurance. Younger individuals may wish to have cover in case of death or unemployment, while older policyholders which to cover pensions and life savings.

Life insurance can also cover long term unemployment, medical expenses or accidents. It is important insurance for many people, especially for those who want a viable plan after their death or want to save their savings.

2.   Health Insurance

Finland is known for its unique health insurance which the state provides to every resident. Health insurance is often the prime insurance that people buy because medical expenses can be very expensive. Buying medicine, surgeries or even a simple doctor’s appointment can prove to be too costly for some people.

In this regard, the health insurance provided by Finland is very thorough and doesn’t leave anyone at a disadvantage. It is paid through tax revenue but in return citizens of Finland get full access to healthcare. This is an important initiative as plenty of people fails to look after their health due to the costs, but Finland has made sure that everyone has the opportunity to avail medical services.

3.   Student Insurance

Finland is one of the few countries in Europe which provides a free college education for its students and international students as well. Because of this policy, there are a lot of students who visit Finland for education and require student insurance. Student insurance is especially useful for international students who are studying abroad for the first time.

 This insurance covers medical expenses, liability, legal aid and baggage, and home content. The insurance makes sure that students are provided with every facility which they may require in time of emergency. Another reason why student insurance is so popular in Finland because it gives international students security during their stay in Finland.

The Top Three Best Providers of Insurance in Finland

With so many popular insurances available, Finland is bound to have top quality insurance companies. Listed below are three of the most popular insurance companies in Finland.

1.   IF

IF is a popular insurance company in Finland. It specializes in life insurance, pension insurance and other types of insurances. The company is also the leading property and casualty insurer in Finland and other European countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

The company also covers car insurance, travel insurance, and motorcycle insurance. Their services expand over a variety of insurances, thus making them the perfect company for anyone looking to buy different insurances from the same place. Their website is the perfect platform through which you can learn more about the company and its many services and ideology. The website has a friendly interface and quick customer support.

2.   Mandatum Life

Mandatum life is another leading insurance companies in Finland. It provides a number of useful services to its customers including wealth management, personal risk insurance, and reward and incentive solutions. Mandatum life also covers illness and disability insurances, as well as providing insurances to companies.

Other than Finland, the company also operates in the Baltic countries. Mandatum life has 300,000 private, 20,000 corporate customers. The company believes in a Finland where every citizen has the opportunity to live the life they have always dreamed about.  The company website is not only visually pleasing but offers all the essential information needed to contact the company.

3.   Nordea Life Assurance

Nordea life assurance provides quality life insurance in Finland. Nordea life assurance is actually a branch of Nordea bank, the largest Nordic bank and considered one of the top banks in Europe.

Their aim is to find and satisfy effective insurance needs for their customers. They want to secure the financial needs of their customers and provide them with a stress-free life. Their website is quite simple but, it provides all the basic information needed to buy life insurance.