The Importance of Insurance in France

Insurance is crucial for millions of people who rely on insurance for exceptional living standards. It allows people to lead more comfortable lives as insurance provides them with security and benefits in case of an emergency.

Insurance is quite popular in France as it is mandatory for its citizens to have house, health and civil liability insurance. These insurances assure that the citizens of France are living their best life without any form of trouble.

Insurance also allows the state of France to provide their citizens with numerous facilities such as: free health care, free education and security.

Different Types of Insurances Common in France

France offers a variety of insurances to its citizens. Some of these insurances are mandatory but their policies remain in the best interest of the citizens.

1.   Health Insurance

Health Insurance is made mandatory for citizens by the state of France but this insurance is quite useful for people as it covers a majority of medicals bills.

The health insurance offered in France allows the majority of the medical costs to be reimbursed to the individual. For doctor visitations, dentists and specialists 70% of the cost is reimbursed. While 80% of French hospital costs and 100% of the prescribed medication costs are reimbursed.

This insurance is a blessing for those who can’t afford medical bills and allows the people of France to live happy, stress-free lives, as they don’t have to worry about expensive health care.

2.   House Insurance

House Insurance is another mandatory insurance in France. This insurance not only covers the safety of your home but also includes civil liability insurance which covers people and pets.

This is very advantageous insurance for the citizens of France as it allows great protection for their homes. In case of any damages to the house, this insurance will cover the cost of the damages and allow homeowners peace of mind as they don’t have to worry about their property. It covers damages from fire, natural disasters and various other forms of damages.

The civil liability insurance which falls under this category is also useful because it covers damages to another person or property, which can also prove helpful in times of emergency. It also allows the safety of your pet and covers any damages caused by your pet.

3.   Car Insurance

Car insurance is important for any car owner and is quite popular in France where cars are highly valued and more expensive. This insurance covers any damages sustained by a car due to an accident. It is quite useful for those who can’t afford to get their cars fixed or are looking for general protection for their valuable vehicle.

Top 3 Insurance Providers in France

France has several insurance companies which provide premium insurance experience to their customers, however, the companies mentioned below are three of the leading insurance companies in France.

1.   AXA Insurance

AXA is one of the leading insurance companies in France, in fact, it is considered one of the top insurance company in Europe.

AXA provides health, car, travel, business and many other types of insurances to its clients. Their insurance includes a variety of different packages to choose from. They operate in 64 countries, with 166,000 employees and 103 million customers. They have call centers in the UK, where their customers can make their queries.

Their website has extensive information on the company and the types of insurances offered. Customers can also easily make a claim through their website. Apart from selling insurance policies, AXA is also working towards driverless cars and raising awareness for dementia.

2.   CNP Assurances

CNP Assurance is a leading personal insurance company in France. They have 5,243 employees worldwide and the prime company for life insurance and loan protection insurance.

Their mission is centered on the idea of long term protection for people. The company focuses on new innovations and creating tailor-made solutions for different clients. They have strong partnerships with various other companies in France and Europe.

The CNP Assurance website is a useful guide for the company. It has detailed information on the services offered by the company while also giving information on its other activities such as sustainable investment.

3.   Covea Mutual Insurance

Covea mutual insurance is another prime insurance company in France. They offer insurances which cover damage and liability, health and protection, life insurance and legal protection. Covea mutual insurance has 11.5 million customers and members. They have insured 10.7 million vehicles, 8 million homes, and 2.9 million health insurance customers.

Their ideology is centered on providing the best quality insurance to its customers. Their website has comprehensive information on the different policies that can be availed. It is also useful for those looking to know more about the company itself.