Netherland Insurance is vital to possess as a citizen of a country from car insurance to life insurance because of having a mortgage. It is said that a typical Dutch person would at least be associated with 6 or 7 different types of insurance.

With a vast number of insurance companies to select from it is very important to know the background and services provided by the company and how it will be beneficial to the other party who is buying it.

Dutch people are associated with different insurance companies and insurance types to benefit them in times of need or if a crucial situation ever happens.

The Dutch people consider insurance as an instrument to protect themselves from financial loss. The following are some infamous insurances that are popular among the Dutch people.

  1. ‘Continuous’ Travel Insurance:

Many people in the Netherlands do not purchase extra insurance coverage when traveling for overseas trips because they are already a possessor of ‘continuous’ travel insurance.

 This means that they are covered for the whole year regardless of where ever they want to go. The insurance can be used for valid reasons like, for the delay with flights, for any baggage lost, or any assistance with the medical expenses if they need in the foreign country.

  • Home Content Insurance:

This type of insurance is not to be confused with the classic ‘home insurance’. Home content insurance is used to protect the contents inside your home like your computer or your television. It is advised that even the renters should have them.

Home content insurance does not cover the specifications of home insurance like having a mortgage against fire, water, burglary or storm damage.

  • Legal Insurance:

Statistically, 48% of Dutch have legal insurance. The concept of acquiring legal insurance is only prevalent in relatively small areas of the world which includes Britain and the Netherlands.

It is possible to buy as many insurances a person like in the Netherlands but it is very important to have someone who represents your best interests in all kinds of situations. It is known that the people of the Netherlands tend to sue their employers if fired from the company which resulted in only contract-based jobs in the market and it also requires good legal support to achieve the results.

Insurance Providers in the Netherlands:

Many companies offer insurance services to the citizens of the Netherland. They are reliable and mainly focuses on their customers.

Some insurance companies are based in the Netherlands and operate through their geographical area but some are also well known throughout the world and provide services around the globe.

These insurance providers are reliable and are the choice of many citizens living inside and out of the Netherlands.

  1. UVIT:

UVIT is a health insurance company that provides health insurance for people who are nonprofit health insurers. The name of the company consists of the first alphabets of the members associated with it which include (Unive, VGZ, IZA, Trias).

Many Dutch people have put in their confidence in this corporation and are known to be one of the oldest health insurance company of Netherland.

  • Delta Lloyd Zorgverzekering:

It is one of the biggest companies in the Netherlands that focuses on financial services and collaborates with a company like CZ in context with health insurance packages. For acquiring insurance with Delta Lloyd, a person can easily contact a financial advisor in their area.

  • Eureko:

Eureko is an Netherland insurance company based in the Netherlands and has its operations working in Ireland, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria. 

It has vast products that the citizens can choose from varying from health insurance, life insurance, property insurance, and pensions. Their different products provide different solutions that benefit the insurance acquirer throughout the package duration.

  • Cardiff:

Cardiff is an international insurance company with its presence in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and worldwide. 

The company is a major part of the BNP Paribas Group. Cardiff specialized in life insurance and insurance that protects people’s situations. In the Netherlands, it is the market leader in mortgage protection and comes as the priority by many citizens looking for insurance providers. 

  • ING Group:

It is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services provider with its headquarters in Amsterdam.  They deal in insurance and it grew to be the leading Dutch insurance company with its branches outside the Netherlands. ING Group has operations in a vast geographical area, so they tend to be a reliable and popular source.

  • ASR Nederland:

ASR Nederland is a Dutch insurance group in Utrecht. Providing services to the citizens of the Netherlands, ASR proves to be a reliable choice for the buying of insurance for any requirement.

The new name ASR is based on the combination of initials of Amersfoort and Stad Rotterdam.