The importance of insurance in Poland

The insurance sector in Poland is the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. Being a highly developed and highly educated economy, it stands to reason why many Polish residents opt for insurance policies.

They are well-off and want to protect their assets, and know about the benefits to be drawn through insurance. Free healthcare is also offered to the people of Poland provided they are insured – either by employers or through their family.

 This is a further incentive for people to opt for insurance policies as they do not want to lose out on this benefit, and do not want to pay hefty costs if they opt for private healthcare.

3 popular types of insurance in Poland

Polish nationals opt for a wide variety of insurance plans, according to what fits best with their socio-economic position and their daily lives. Some common types of insurance plans are

1.  Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are designed to help care for the family members of the policyholder, in case of death or tragedy. They are a way to ensure that the family can navigate the difficult periods of their lives in a safe and protected manner.

People in Poland know well about the unpredictability of their daily lives, and they have the disposable income to invest in good quality life insurance policies to cater to their individual needs and lifestyles.

Opting for a comprehensive life insurance policy will enable Polish people to feel a sense of safety every day, which is incredibly important to them when concerning their future and more importantly, the future of their families.

2.  Business Insurance

Poland is considered to be a high-income economy by the World Bank. It is also the sixth-largest in the European Union. These levels of economic growth and prosperity can only be found when businesses are allowed to flourish and are protected against disaster.

Business insurance is incredibly popular in Poland due to this booming economy. It allows business owners to protect against loss of property and vehicles, due to natural or man-made disasters.

This kind of insurance policy provides a safety net for investments so that business owners – whether big or small – are willing to commit wholly to their businesses without fear of failure due to forces beyond their control.

3.  Health Insurance

As stated before, Poland’s free healthcare policy is subject to the insurance policies used by the residents. While public healthcare is freely available, it is only possible to access if you fall into the insured category of the population.

Furthermore, as the living standards of Polish people are higher, they are sometimes simply not satisfied with the healthcare provided by public policy. It is often more standardized and has less individualized focus, or simply takes too long as resources are not enough.

In this case, when people want to opt for private healthcare, health insurance is extremely important in catering to the high cost, so that people can get the best healthcare possible.

Top insurance companies in Poland

Being a developed country, many insurance companies in Poland cater to the needs of people from all walks of life. A few of them stand out due to their reliability and unique services and are vouched for by most Polish people. Some of them are

1.  PZU Insurance

PZU is one of the top insurance companies in Poland and offers both life and non-life insurance policies. It offers travel insurance and accident insurance as well, among many others. They have over 200 years of experience which marks them as trusted and accomplished providers. 

Alongside that, they offer the convenience of purchasing insurance policies online and give a discount of 15% to do so. This not only makes it more convenient for the user but also more financially rewarding. They can do it at ease and save money as well.

2.  Commercial Union Polska

Commercial Union Polska is also one of the most well-known companies in Poland. They offer a wide range of insurance policies such as life, travel, home, and many others.

They allow their users to create an online account on their website to keep track of their policy with ease. Similar to PZU, Commercial Union Polska also offers online discounts to its users. Its website advertises discounts of up to 80%.

Therefore, not only is it convenient but money-saving. It ensures that Polish users can access the benefits of insurance regardless of their financial standing. Therefore, we can see that convenience is extremely important for Polish people when going about their busy day-to-day lives.

Companies are aware of this and keep this in mind whilst formulating their policies and distribution networks and this allows them to be successful in their market.