The Importance of Insurance in Switzerland

In Switzerland insurance is mandatory for every citizen. There are several insurances which are considered essential for people, for example, basic motor vehicle insurance is mandatory for all drivers.

Health insurance is another necessity which the government provides for its citizens and accident insurance is another insurance which the people of Switzerland are required to have.

These insurances allow the citizens of Switzerland to lead safe and healthy lives. They don’t have to worry about their safety or the expensive costs of healthcare.

Types of Available Insurances in Switzerland

There are numerous insurances which can be found in Switzerland. As already mentioned insurance is mandatory for the citizens, following are some of the most popular ones.

1.  Health Insurance

Health insurance is important for every human being. In Switzerland, health insurance is required for adults and children and is usually cheaper for those below the age of 25. Their health insurance covers all sorts of medical expenses, including visits to the doctor, prescription bills for medicine and other healthcare expenses.

This insurance is extremely useful for people because Switzerland is a country that provides the best healthcare in the world but it is also on the expensive side, with healthcare insurance, every citizen has the opportunity to reap the benefits of the healthcare system in Switzerland.

2.  Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance is mandatory for every registered driver in Switzerland. This insurance is important for those individuals who want to make sure that their cars will be covered in case of an accident.

In Switzerland, vehicle insurance depends on the policies and comprehensions of insurance. Some insurances cover damages caused to other cars in an accident, while others also cover the client’s car and any other damages which may be sustained. The cost of this insurance can greatly vary based on the type of insurance coverage and the driver’s background.

3.  Accident Insurance in Switzerland

Accident insurance is another important insurance in Switzerland. It is usually provided by employers to their employees but can also be acquired by other, non-employed citizens. This insurance takes into account the security and safety of an individual. It is essential insurance for those worried about their wellbeing and the safety of others.

Most accident insurances cover damages caused to other people or their property but you can also buy insurance which will cover any damages the client may sustain due to any accidents. With this sort of insurance, the packages usually vary and you can choose from a variety of different packages covering various accidents.

The Top 3 Best Providers of Insurance in Switzerland

There are many insurance companies in Switzerland that provide the best insurance packages to their clients.

1.  Aetna Insurance

Aetna Insurance is a very popular insurance company In Switzerland. The companies provide their clients with several services and allow them to choose from a huge variety of insurances and packages. They even connect their customers to other insurance companies and packages. 

They are most well known for their healthcare insurance. They not only provide basic health insurance but also connect their customers to doctors, pharmacy services and other medical care services. They have extensive healthcare services which not only provide insurance but also health plans and other benefits.

The website for Aetna Insurance is full of valuable information on the company and the insurances which they provide, it is a helpful guide for anyone looking to find health insurance.

2.  Allianz Care

Allianz care is another popular insurance company in Switzerland. Their company is centered on the idea of helping their customers achieve health and wellbeing. The company not only provides health insurance, with various types of packages, but they also provide health insurance to those traveling or living abroad. The company also provides travel insurance to its customers. 

The website for Allianz Care is interactive and user-friendly and the perfect place to know more about the company and its various services.

3.  Cigna Global

Cigna Global is another famous health insurance provider in Switzerland. The company specializes in health insurance and offers multiple services to its clients. Cigna Global has 86 million customers in over 200 countries. They also have an extensive workforce which also extends to their international customer care.

The company provides several insurance plans. The cheapest one is known as close care and has an annual limit of $500,000. The company also provides silver, gold and platinum health insurance plans, with platinum having an unlimited annual limit. Cigna Global also provides access to a global network of trusted hospitals, clinics, and doctors.

The Cigna Global website has extensive information on the numerous services provided by the company. It is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking for premium health insurance.